Co-Founder and CEO of Lean Startup Co., Heather McGough

5 Questions for Heather McGough, Co-founder & CEO of Lean Startup Co.

Impact Through Innovation at the Lean Startup Summit in Berlin

A copy of The Startup Way turned out to be a parting gift to all attendees. Photo by Lean Startup EMEA
Summit attendees on a coffee break between sessions at Alte Münze in Berlin, Germany

Our Exchange

I asked her 5 questions and here’s what she said.

Group shot of the summit organizers and presenters. Photo by Lean Startup EMEA
Part of the premise of Lean Startup is preparing for the future of work, today. Photo by Lean Startup EMEA

Role Models, Work Ethic, and Next Steps

Author of this post with the author of The Startup Way, Eric Ries, who joined the Summit via teleconference.

Reporting from within a Venn diagram of health, tech and empowerment. Berlin-based. Internationally minded.

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