Roberto Ascione welcomes attendees to where healthcare meets innovation. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018

Cross-Pollination at Frontiers Health 2018

Discovery and Networking Advance Digital Health

FH18 was held at Funkhaus, the former East Berlin radio broadcasting house. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018
A new feature of FH18 was conference ambassadors, which included scientists, investors, journalists, and other e-health pioneers. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018

I witnessed first-hand how these two crucial themes of discovery and networking played out at Frontiers Health.

Here’s how:

Networking opportunities abounded throughout the two-day event. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018


Topics include sensors, decision-making, diabetes innovation, partnership tips, and investment awareness.

1. Digimeds Multiply the Business Value

Andrew Thompson from Proteus explains digimeds as a business multiplier. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018

Thompson says the FDA has created a new category that is the healthcare opportunity of a lifetime.

2. Autonomous Agents Need Trust & Communication Powers

Scali mentioned there is a “time dimension to trust.”

Gabriel Scali from Reckon Digital on autonomous agents in healthcare. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018

3. DIY with an Artificial Pancreas

Adrian Tappe (L) & Dr. Katarina Braune (R) present why people with diabetes invent DIY solutions for managing the condition. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018

4. Avoiding Ad-hoc Collaborative Partnerships in Healthcare

Greg Zwisler discusses the Hidden Potential Study and what factors lead to better partnerships in healthcare. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018

Entrepreneurs out there: Zwisler also has an idea for a startup: “a stock exchange for partnership.”

5. Digital Health for the Developing World

Polina Hanin from StartUp Health leads a panel on digital health for the developing world. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018
Panel discussion moderated by Polina Hanin from StartUp Health at FH18. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018

There are 3 billion people in need of higher quality care. So it makes a difference if you are early and first to add value, save lives, and increase your ROI.

6. Homework From an Early Investment Panel

Martin Kelly from Health XL moderated the panel on nurturing early-stage investment to accelerate innovation. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018

Thanks, and see you again in Berlin soon!

Media and press welcome station at FH18. Photo: Frontiers Health 2018

Reporting from within a Venn diagram of health, tech and empowerment. Berlin-based. Internationally minded.

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