Clubhouse Session with 4 Leaders in Product Management

For Your Next Role, Ask These Unconventional Questions

How to benefit from a full-spectrum approach to interviewing

Navigating a career path is tough. Asking yourself – and the employer– the right questions can unlock clearer next steps. Guidance from people who have defined their own version of success helps, too. A second Clubhouse session with 4 Berlin-based product leaders called How to choose your next PM role offered perspectives that help pinpoint professional purpose and cultural fit. Beyond strictly product-focus, these insights benefit everyone.

Pre-interview considerations:

Start with the obvious: the job description’s wording and tasks — how do you really feel about it? Does it spark joy or distaste? Listen to that initial instinct.

Then go more internally by asking yourself:

What is the precise value that I can bring to this company?

During the interview, consider asking:

How does work come in? (In other words: “How would I receive tasks?” This reveals the overall set up and whether there are established pathways.)

Create authenticity in this setting:

Interviews can seem artificial, where both parties are putting on a show. This is unproductive. Instead, try bravely saying to yourself: I don’t care what happens; I am going to be direct and transparent. Know that it might get uncomfortable, but better to know in advance if it’s a good match.

After the interview:

Learn to spot any red flags that came up and don’t ignore them, saying: oh, I can live with that…

Next steps:

If you treat an interview like a conversation, that’s where the magic happens. Try it and let us know how it goes!

Reporting from within a Venn diagram of health, tech and empowerment. Berlin-based. Internationally minded. Comms @ Earlybird Venture Capital

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