Startupbootcamp Digital Health Demo Day at Meistersaal in Berlin

Holy Smokes! SBC DemoDay 2017

Startupbootcamp’s 2017 Squad of 11 digital health startups accelerate innovation, in style.

With so many concurrent events within the Berlin digital health ecosystem on any given day, it’s getting ridiculously hard to choose. It’s practically an embarrassment of riches. So if you missed Startupbootcamp’s Demo Day on November 30, or were there and couldn’t take notes in the dynamic atmosphere, I’ve got a recap for you — at least for the first portion.

Lars Buch with the SBC 2017 Squad of 11 digital health startups
The effective coaching by these top mentors was notable. Startups had super crisp ideas and execution. Pitches were compelling, and clear on concepts, funding, goals, and next steps.

The Space: Meistersaal

Guests awaiting the start of SBC DemoDay in the historic Meistersaal
Ralph played an insane instrument called the laser harp which set the mood to wondrous.

Straight, no chaser.

Each startup during the first pitches digitally solved for healthcare issues that matter to big swaths of the population: antibiotic resistance, improved physio-rehab solutions, diabetes care, fairer life insurance costs, and smarter cardiovascular care.

CEO Olga Grudniak explains Biolumo speed, affordability, and impact.
Adam Wozniak presents Aisens’ use of sensors for a medical device used in rehab exercises.
Peter Lukas addresses safety, personalization, and intelligence of diabetes management solutions
Oskar Kiwic presents CardioCube AI, the future of heart disease treatment.
Lars shows the 11 startup logos of the 2017 SBC digital health cohort
Community involvement and support here in Berlin.

Startups < > Partners

It should be evident here what a classy job Startupbootcamp Digital Health did with presenting their 2017 squad. And this was only the first two hours. The day went on with more pitches and networking. Demo Day was not solely about showcasing SBC startups but also about creating constructive partnerships that advance digital health. Check the SBC site for further updates or learn more about these solutions-driven startups.

Industry partners that made DemoDay a reality.

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