A Vision Lab Startup Makes Workplace Feedback Actionable

Dafni Chontou (L) and Tanya Sharma (R) of Wonderpath, a startup in Earlybird’s Vision Lab

1) Dafni, based on your Linkedin profile, you speak 5 languages! Can you tell us about your international road to Wonderpath?

Clubhouse Session with 4 Leaders in Product Management

How to benefit from a full-spectrum approach to interviewing

Key insights from product-oriented minds gathered on Clubhouse

Germany’s diversity influencer and advocate, Tijen Onaran, has amazing eye earrings that are watching you!

Roles models of all forms inspire on the ‘gram

How I tackled 2020 might help you thrive in 2021

Beautify your world: children’s rainbow artwork in a public park in Berlin during the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Listen to Experts. 🎤

Harry Stebbings interviewed Anna Khan on The 20 Minute VC podcast and it was brilliant. Read why below.

Insights from Anna Khan on Harry Stebbing’s ‘The 20 Minute VC’

David Perell’s podcast with Matthew Kobach offers smart ways to improve your social media content

Experts Matthew Kobach & David Perell discuss 10 top tips

Elisheva Marcus

Reporting from within a Venn diagram of health, tech and empowerment. Berlin-based. Internationally minded. Comms @ Earlybird Venture Capital

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