• Craig Nakano

    Craig Nakano

  • Jesus del Valle

    Jesus del Valle

    Work @ Bayer Pharma R&D. Founder of Grants4Apps and STEM4Health. Science, Tech, eHealth, Genomics, ExoBio, Intrapreneurship, Startups. #IWantToBelieve.

  • Ted Dillon

    Ted Dillon

    Clean Energy + Venture + Marketing. (new dad!)

  • Adib Contractor

    Adib Contractor

    Software engineering, management, and mental health.

  • Anna Kraft (Fd Olsson)

    Anna Kraft (Fd Olsson)

    Design thinking entrepreneur, on a journey from tech to textiles and back again.

  • Allison Klein

    Allison Klein

    Author of What Would Murphy Brown Do? How the Women of Primetime Changed Our Lives. Get it here: https://goo.gl/JxsSD8

  • Hajnalka Héjja

    Hajnalka Héjja

  • Huiping Huang

    Huiping Huang

    Trained as a neuroscientist. Left the lab to explore other options. Still looking for myself…

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